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As mediators, we have a professional responsibility to help you reach a fair and equitable resolution and reviews before entering a final judgment in your case. We can help. You can do this the right way.
Our Mission
With over a decade of representation, we know there is a better way. Our mission is to help you take the path of reason, fairness to yourself, your children and your family, while fearlessly advocating and protecting your legal rights. Our divorce mediation is designed to help you succeed, because you deserve final and peaceful resolution to your broken marriage.
Divorce Mediation
Divorce is one of the toughest decisions you will ever have to make and it tests your ability to trust yourself and question everything about your soon to be ex-spouse. Sometimes litigation is the only reasonable option. But divorce mediation works best for long-term peaceful resolutions because your mediator facilitates your agreement, helping you navigate the legal process from start to finish.
Who is a Mediator
A mediator is a trained professional that will not be biased toward either party and is guaranteed to remain neutral throughout the process.
Average cost of divorce litigation for couples without a child is $15,000.
With Children, contested custody or visitation increases the cost of divorce litigation in excess of $23,000 for each party in a divorce.
Divorce litigation w/out child - $15,000
Divorce litigation w/child - $23,000+
Average cost of divorce mediation is between $6800 and $7500. Since the parties share the cost of the divorce mediation equally, their individual cost is less than $3800, which includes their filing fees, and separation agreement.
Average cost of divorce -$6800-$7500
Individual cost - less than $3800


“Attorney Ollennu, was a great help in the unfortunate process of my divorce. He assisted me to do what was in the best interest for me and my children. Attorney Ollennu is very knowledgeable regarding family law. He listened to my concerns and gave me the best options. I am so thankful for all his knowledge and compassion during my difficult time.”

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“I feel comfortable recommending him strongly to anyone going through a divorce.”

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“Highly recommend Jeremiah! I needed an attorney four days before my custody hearing and he put in so much work for me! Very professional and passionate about what he does.”

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“Jeremiah was VERY accessible and professional.  His cost was reasonable and as well as being knowledgeable he was receptive to input into what my end goal was in my divorce.  I feel comfortable recommending him strongly to anyone going through a divorce.  His team can handle all types of divorce from collaborative to litigating.  If you are looking for someone to listen to you and work with you towards the best resolution to your case, his team is the one. In terms of my divorce I spent less than half of what my ex spent and felt I was in control of my case and not led by my attorney.”

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We manage ALL laborious aspects of the divorce process reducing anxieties, and freeing clients up to regroup and concentrate on peaceful resolution.

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